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It’s late at night. You are up bored and thinking about what you and your significant other can do for your next virtual date night. You’d love to do something in person but are reminded that you will not be seeing each other for awhile. Per usual. You want to spend time with them, you want a romantic date but what can you do when they are so far away?

Check out these 5 date night ideas that you can do with your significant other!


5 date ideas for a fun virtual night:

  • Game night
  • Night in Paris
  • Gift exchange – love letters
  • Movie night
  • Mini date every night

Stop! Before you continue to read this blog, take a moment to complete the love language quiz we’ve linked below. Unlike other date night ideas, this blog is going to explore the way you and your partner like to receive love, and how this can be incorporated into your date night. Each of our virtual date night ideas will correspond with a love language:



According to Dr. Gary Chapman, our “love language” is the different ways in which we like to receive love. By knowing this, it can help to strengthen communication and help solve underlying issues in your relationship. Although people tend to be a mixture of all the love languages, this can help both you and your partner understand what the other person needs most. Outlined by Psychology Today, the different love languages include:

  • Words of Affirmation - Saying supportive things to your partner
  • Acts of Service - Doing helpful things for your partner
  • Receiving Gifts - Giving your partner gifts that tell them you were thinking about them
  • Quality Time - Spending meaningful time with your partner
  • Physical Touch - Being close to and caressed by your partner


Have you taken the quiz? Yes? Then let’s continue!

Now that you are fully equipped with your love language quiz results, check out these date night ideas we’ve outlined. Use them as a suggestion and alter them to match your personal needs.


Game Night
Love Language: Acts of Service


Sometimes there is nothing more fun and romantic than competing to win with your partner. Here’s a simple plan. Decide on an online game that neither you nor your significant other have played before. Or a game that you are both good at. Second, screen share, so there’s no cheating. Finally, make a bet, one that neither of you wants to lose and the prize will be something that speaks towards the winner’s love language. For example, if you were to win and your love language is acts of service, you could ask your partner to help you by editing or researching for a student paper, or they can help with one of your passions or hobbies.

Before the game begins, remember to set your prize beforehand and both parties agree to all the winners’ conditions before the game begins.


Night in Paris
Love Language: Receiving Gifts + Quality Time

Wish you and your partner could spend a romantic night out in Paris? Perhaps it’s not possible to fly, but you can bring the romantic experience to you no matter where you are. If your partner or yourself have the love language of gift-giving this might be the perfect idea for you. Before the date, both you and your partner can decide on a gift you’d like to send each other, whether it's clothing or accessories, set a price limit and schedule the date night after each gift has arrived. Second, dress up! Both you and your significant other will dress to impress each other. Third, either cook the same food or order similar dishes. Finally, set the time and put everything else on Do Not Disturb mode. Whether you light up some candles or play a romantic song, set the mood and enjoy a deep one-on-one conversation between you and your partner.

This date is perfect for those who enjoy receiving gifts and spending quality time together.


Gift Exchange – Love Letters
Love Language: Words Of Affirmation

*Photo from: https://bestquotes.name/pin/106531/

Do you enjoy hearing loving and caring words from your partner? Why not set up a date that mixes in your love language? Create a date night that has Words Of Affirmation, top of mind. This could be something sweet like both you and your partner writing love letters to each other and reading them out loud for the other to hear. Or you could send a variety of love letters that your partner can open at a specific time. This could be something like open when:

  • You miss me
  • You want to call me
  • You're bored
  • You're feeling lonely
  • You need a hug

These letters can provide a sense of support that can cross several miles and any distance.


Movie Night
Love Language: Quality Time

Sometimes all you need is quality time, and nothing can feel more intimate than following a traditional date setting that involves a movie, some popcorn, and good company. Set aside a few hours that both you and your partner can watch a film at least once a month or watch a show together every week. Let this become a tradition that you follow that can increase the amount of time you spend together.

Quality time is important for any relationship and it should not be hindered even if there is a physical barrier between you two.


Mini date every night
Love Language: Physical Touch


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Last but certainly not least, sometimes physical separation is too much. Unfortunately, unless you can drive or fly over, the physical barrier will always be a struggle within a long-distance relationship. However, something you can do is to plan a mini date night, every night. Using something like a mood-changing lamp, you and your partner can touch and know how the other feels. Each night you can make a mini date out of talking and working through the lack of physical contact. Be creative!

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As a long-distance couple, we completely understand the struggle and barriers physical separation can bring. We have had fun over the years exploring each of these date night ideas and we hope that this can ease some of the tension that distance creates. Whether you want to match in style, read a thought-provoking blog or contact a couple that is in a long-distance relationship, Skip The Distance is the perfect place for long-distance couples.

Want to get in touch or be featured in our blog? Email us at info@skipthedistance.com

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