• 5 Tips For Meeting Family & Friends Of Your Significant Other For The First Time

    Here you are, with the person you love, in a relationship that you adore, and then they say the magical words, "Are you ready to meet my family?"

    Okay, maybe those words aren't magical and for some, this would be downright scary. 

    As we all know, meeting the family is a big deal, especially if this occasion will be held through a zoom call or any other virtual setting. In this case, we thought we could help you by providing tips and tricks on what to do when meeting the friends and family of your significant other for the first time.

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  • Welcome To The Blog

    Welcome to the blog that will hopefully be both informative and funny. Here we want to share our experience, the experiences of others, as well as share information that can help during difficult times in a long-distance relationship.

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