A Love Story Born From An App - A Long Distance Relationship Story

 Cintanja & Joshua


Up until now, each and every blog on our website has been created by Skip The Distance. We are excited to finally change the narrative and point of view through the introduction of our first featured couple. Thank you to our lovely couple, Cintanja & Joshua, for sharing your story and providing new insights for other long-distance relationships. Enjoy reading their story below:



Both of us met on a dating app called "Top Face" about two years ago.

Crazy thing was, both of us never had the intention of downloading this app at all.

My partner saw it on some ad, and he downloaded it not knowing what it was.

I saw it while scrolling on Playstore, looking for games but instead, I saw the app and, I don’t know why, but I felt attracted to it. So that's why I say it's God's work that we've met from so far, even though we never even thought about a dating app or anything.

Both of us were bored and the app just popped up out of nowhere and we felt attracted like a magnet to download it.

Not to mention we weren't even looking for a partner just like that.

I prayed for my soulmate, the one I want to marry and build up my life with. I never wanted to fall in love until I found the one. And all those years I didn't until I met my partner.

The same story for him, he just wanted to find the one and crazy, we were made exactly for each other. Everything we wanted, literally everything, we saw in each other.

He lives in Trinidad & Tobago, and I live in Suriname. We have been together for two years now and are still going strong no matter the ups and downs. We haven't met in person yet, because of the pandemic, but that shouldn't, and will never, stop us from loving each other. 

See in an LDR (Long-Distance Relationship) you need to communicate a lot. Keep each other reassured that ‘Hey, I'm still here for you don't worry.’ Remember, that it's distance love and it's only based on emotional bond. If there isn't any then things might go rocky.

Make sure to write to each other frequently and be caring. Be there for each other in good and bad times obviously.

It might seem that things are falling apart at some point, but it's the effort you put to keep it working. If both of you truly want this, I believe that no matter what obstacle it is, you'll go through it regardless.

We've gone through a lot from insecurities to overthinking because of how certain people are in this world. It took time for us to heal from damage from the past but we love each other so much that fighting and going through it all is our only option.

Love is a strong word and not a joke. There is a big difference between you liking someone and when you love someone. Same with, being in love with someone and actually loving someone.

So when you know it's love you're looking for, you will have to go through hell. Like paranoid feelings, missing each other, and also toxic thinking. Trust me jealousy and overprotective behaviors are very normal. This is all because you love this person, and they will only understand if they love you too.

Nothing needs to be one-sided, do things together, work towards something together. 

Even if this person is physically working on something, you can be supportive emotionally. 

50/50 all the way and trust me everything will work out if you just let your emotions flow with this person. Both sides need to be accountable, this is so important because there will be conflicts and bad feelings when it's one-sided. Talk things out when something is wrong even if it takes time.

Just know that this person loves you and chooses to go through all of this with you, no matter what it is. Whether it's disappointment or anything, love is stronger than anything else. You can only accept it all from the person who has your heart. And to be clear I'm definitely NOT talking about cheating or anything unfaithful. That's just not in my book, never.


Anyone who wants to be in an LDR can do it. Just know that it's a lot to take in but it's so beautiful. Do not take it as only a bad thing, but also consider it as a beautiful experience whether it's good or bad.

If you really love someone, why can you not wait for this person?

If he or she is the one, why would the distance stop you from feeling that sweet, amazing love?

LDR is beautiful and wholesome. It's a lot of work and holding on and missing but it's all just so amazing to go through it together. In the end, it's all worth it. There is no end because you'll continue loving each other no matter where you are. In your heart, soul, and mind.


As a long-distance couple, this story has been both beautiful and relatable to read. We hope that you learned something and or simply enjoyed the story of two people falling in love.


Thank you to our couple:

Instagram: @cinnamon_joshie
Youtube: AlienCinnamon



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