Virtual Valentine’s Day - Date Night Ideas For Long-Distance Couples

Virtual Valentine’s Day

It’s a thing.

I know several couples have been forced into a long-distance relationship or were introduced online during the pandemic. This may be their first-time celebrating Valentine’s Day at a distance. Some may feel that the distance hinders romantic feelings and others think that the distance prevents an emotional connection. I am here to tell you that yes there are some barriers however, you can still make a beautiful memory between you and the person you cherish the most despite the distance (stay realistic while also being optimistic is the key to success here).

It is important to remember that you should block off a designated time for this date. Let the people around you know that you will be busy during those hours and you won’t be able to answer any phone calls or texts. If people expect it, they shouldn’t bother you.

So here are 5 great ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a distance couple:


I have been here, done it, and can say with confidence, loved it! I have created one of those sentimental videos showcasing all the photos and videos of my significant other and I as a gift to my partner.

I used Filmora to segment my photos and videos together, to add music on top, and to edit. It was my first time doing any kind of video compilations or editing and I can say it was extremely easy to figure out and understand. For couples that have never met, you can be a bit more creative! If you’ve taken screenshots of your video calls those are perfect to use. If you feel like you don’t have enough content, you can also create whiteboard video illustrations or anything similar to showcase your love story.

I used Renderforest to create this quick video but you can use other programs such as White Board Animation 


Sometimes the everyday routine is the best routine. This Valentine’s Day could be something both romantic and special with an everyday routine. With some food, a movie, and matching couple outfits, nothing could be better! This idea is perfect for couples that just want to order something and relax. A great date idea is to order food for the other person. When you and your partner open the door, it will be a surprise for the both of you. If you’ve been paying attention, then you will know what your significant other likes and if you’re feeling adventurous you can give them something they’ve never had before.

Now onto the movie. Really this could be a movie, a show or a documentary, anything that you like. We’ve tried the zoom call where you share screen and audio but that never really worked well for us. I suggest playing the movie/show at the same time on your laptops, mute yourselves on the call, and then turn on the microphone when you have something to say. Makes life 10x easier, I promise. Finally, what’s Valentine’s day without a matching couple of outfits or items? From Queen & King sweaters to Queen & Queen or King & King blankets, wrap yourself in something unique and special between you and your significant other.

Queen Of Hearts - Women's Cropped Sweatshirt

King Of Hearts - Men's Sweater

Mrs & Mrs Throw Blanket

Mr & Mr - Throw Blanket

Some couples are super active and would prefer to go for a walk and or a hike during Valentine’s Day. If you can, each of you should take a scenic walk or hike to a nice park or place that you enjoy. Layout a picnic blanket, add some food, and have a romantic date with your significant other. 

Of course, we encourage you to use this time in nature to remember that you are both under the same sky, feeling the same way (cheesy, I know… but still cute), and deepen your conversations by expressing how you feel about each other to each other. If you’re in a space where you can have food and drinks, try making a toast and talk about your dreams and future plans.

Here’s one gift, two, three, and maybe even four. Sometimes gifting the gift and seeing their reaction is better than receiving anything else for yourself. What’s Valentine’s Day without the iconic teddy bear, chocolates, and romantic gifts? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Skip The Distance has a variety of custom and standard gifts that both you and your significant other will love. Because all the items are uniquely designed with long-distance couples in mind, it will be impossible to find them anywhere else. Although, we can’t really help you with the giant bear or chocolates, check out some ideas below of gifts you can send!

Can't Wait To See - Mug

Valentines Mug - Red


Happy Valentine's Day Pillow

Check out our Valentine's Day Collection for more gift ideas!


In the past, my significant other and I have created our own separate playlists that featured songs that we loved. Before Valentine’s Day, we shared the playlist with each other so that the other person could familiarized themselves with all the songs. Then we consolidated the playlist into one and mixed them together. When Valentine’s Day came around, we played music, took some shots, and thoroughly enjoyed talking, dancing, and goofing off with each other for our Valentine’s Day date.


Whether you do one of these dates, multiple or a combination of all five, we hope you enjoy and have a happy romantic celebration this Valentine’s Day!

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